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APA Committees

APA is in the process to establish the following committees :

1. Membership & News: this group will take care of collecting/reviewing membership applications. It will also be responsible to collect news from the various members. News can be e.g. a planetarium story, a planetarium event etc.. that each member would like to see shared on the APA website and social media accounts. Posts will be organised in liaison with the APA intern.
2. Planetaria growth & Capacity building: this group will have the responsibility to foster opportunities for capacity building in the areas of planetaria and science education with planetaria (e.g. conceptualize and organize workshops/activities for members)
3. Partnership, Stakeholders relationship & fundraising: this group will have the responsibility to liaise with other organizations to strengthen partnerships and opportunities for funding.
4. Planetarium content creation: this group will have the responsibility to collect contents/ideas for new planetarium shows focused to promote African culture and African based scientific results. It will also liaise with the “Partnership, Stakeholders relationship & fundraising” to identify potential revenues for funds/calls to support new productions.