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APA Committees

APA committees: The committee chairs are appointed by the board and can appoint their members who will assist them in their different committees. Some of the committee chairs can be board members. The committee chairs will report back to the executive board during the board meetings. We envisage the following committee:

Fundraising Committee: responsible for fundraising activities for the association. 

Communication Committee: responsible for all communication to members through the administrator/intern. Oversee the development and update of the online presence of the society including a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page. This committee will share all the useful information to members, communicate to all the partners and potential partners and members. 

Membership Committee: should create an online database of all members of the society, reach out to potential members and agree on a reasonable membership fee. The membership committee

Education & Public Outreach Committee: This committee will create local, and international activities that the APA members can participate in. A calendar of events for APA members to be as active as other planetarians globally. 

Resources & Training Committee:  the committee will be responsible for the planetarium resources that can be shared to APA members. They will oversee the creation of planetarium content, online resources from credible sources etc