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The Bamboo Tree Planetarium

The Nairobi Planetarium is Kenya’s first permanent planetarium and is located on Riverside Drive  Nairobi, Kenya. It is a 10-meter bamboo dome with an immersive fisheye dome projector. It was built by  the founders of the Travelling Telescope Chu, Susan and their staff, a group of astronomy graduates. The  bamboo used in construction was harvested and treated locally. The planetarium has a bamboo  geodesic dome frame, a water-proof cover with open windows, uses blackout curtains, and has a  hemispherical projection screen. The materials used to make the planetarium are environmentally  sustainable. It took many months of researching, planning, and calculating when designing the  planetarium. Construction started in 2019, and in 2020 it had to be restructured due to the pandemic  and was officially launched in 2021. The planetarium shows include engaging interactive live  presentations and award-winning planetarium films.  In addition to the Nairobi Planetarium, the Travelling Telescope has an inflatable mobile planetarium which they use to engage school children throughout Kenya in astronomy. Following covid protocols,  the Traveling Telescope has been able to continue using the planetarium. 


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