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Do you start and stop full dome films in a huge planetarium? Are you a volunteer who presents the night sky in a small planetarium? Do you educate school children in an inflatable planetarium? Do you in any way, shape, or form, operate a dome of a planetarium? Then we need your input for a global survey!

The KU Leuven university and IAU Office of Astronomy for Education jointly developed a global survey. The goal is to provide a detailed overview of diverse profiles of the people operating the dome in planetariums worldwide, the planetariums they work for, the content they present, the approaches they use and how they grow in their profession. Previous attempts were limited in size and often localized to one country; this survey aims to reach planetarians from around the globe.

The survey is available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Additional languages will be added in the future (including Japanese). Click here to start the survey. Participating is possible until the end of March.

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