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The African Planetarium Association (APA) Workshop

The African planetarium Association (APA) held a meeting to discuss the current challenges faced by the various planetariums across Africa, and provided a platform to network, discuss possible solutions to the challenges listed and share ideas on the best practices to help advance the various planetariums and the awareness thereof. The meeting took place virtually on 26 August 2022, from 10h00 to 15h00 CAT and there was participation from over 30 attendees. Below is the important information that was derived from the meeting:

Nominations for APA Committee
The African Planetarium Association has invited nominations for members to serve on the APA Committee. People are encouraged to nominate an individual of their choice who has the expertise, commitment and drive to serve on and add value to the committee. The closing date for the nominations is 30 September 2022. Please submit the nomination on the form in link below:

Overall, the meeting was a success, there is great enthusiasm from the planetarium community to work together to improve their operations, impact and reach in their respective regions and across Africa. This also provided a great platform for engagements within the whole APA community.